That Marketing with a BANG(s) Girl

New website, new me. When revamping my new site, I went back and forth between making it super professional or adding some character and personality to it. I feared if I made it too personal some potential clients might be turned off. But, then I remembered one of my favorite business philosophies: business is like dating. You have to actually connect on a human level in order to produce the best results for your clients. With that in mind, here is a very honest and open blog post about who I am on and off the court.

In the past, I have made the mistake of saying yes to everything. I chose clients and projects that weren't the right fit for the sake of a paycheck, and in return, I became stressed out and unhappy. By the end of these projects, my first thought was, "thank gosh that's over." If you can relate to this statement, then you probably are saying yes to the wrong things. I want to encourage you to start being selfish and to work as hard for your own happiness as you do your clients. Two years ago, that's exactly what I started doing and I haven't worked a day since. As in, it hasn't felt like work.

My spotted cutie.

I am a self-proclaimed professional extrovert and a personal introvert. When It comes to business I am often shaking hands and kissing babies. However, on my down time, I give Miss Havisham a run for her money. Okay, not that bad but Netflix and cuddling with my dog is my JAM. I love problem-solving and a bit of chaos, hinting at my decision to work in the event world. Events are a lot like plays. There are many different moving pieces and prep work done behind the scenes to give the audience a perfect show. Juggling and organizing that controlled chaos is my version of heaven. As I developed in my career I started to burn out on the event side of things. I knew I loved the industry but something was missing. I quickly figured out it was because I was planning events just to make things look "pretty" or because I got to work with "cool" people. The work I was producing did not have a purpose. I had no way to measure the success of my events other than people having a good time.  Essentially, I was not working towards a goal. I.Need.Goals.

My solution? I started to implement strategic marketing techniques that actually produced an ROI for my clients. I began to put "why's" behind everything. Why am I choosing this menu item? Why am I setting up this interactive element in the event? Why am I inviting these people? And the most important question - do all of these elements produce results that leave my client better off than before? Once I shifted my mindset the results were amazing. My clients began to experience increases in sales, greater brand awareness, additional partnerships and more. I also grew as a professional and mastered things I thought I could never do. If you were to ask me 2 years ago what a long tail keyword was or how SEO worked I would not have had a clue.

To sum it all up, passion and purpose fuels everything I do from choosing who to work with to how I execute a job. On this blog, I will showcase how to implement strategic marketing into your events, marketing, and branding work, along with sharing other entrepreneurs’ stories about their passions and purposes.

P.S I don't bite. If you ever have any questions, want to bounce ideas off me or just want to make a new friend, email me at

- That Marketing with a BANG(s) Girl